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Inspired by the first common position signed in 2006 by the whole supply chain of botanicals – from plant growers to finished products manufacturers – within the framework of the REACH regulation, three Founding organizations (E.F.E.O., BDIH and UNITIS)* created the Natural Alliance on December 12, 2007 in Brussels, with the support of representatives of the cosmetic industry and the scientific community.

Conceived as a structural Forum and a strategic working Platform, the Natural Alliance enables to all its players to exchange and unify positions concerning natural complex substances in order to issue possible common proposals at the European level.

This initiative is particularly necessary when:

a) cosmetic industry expects innovation from natural ingredients,
b) market demand is more and more oriented towards natural cosmetics,

two factors that explain their fast-growing development and for which the Natural Alliance has to centralize and coordinate the existing potential of knowledge, know-how and experience if we want they be truthfully considered by all.

The Natural Alliance worked on the preparation of classification and common guidelines of NCS for an implementation of the REACHregulation adapted to their characteristics and specificities.

E.F.E.O. – European Federation of Essential Oils
BDIH - Bundesverband deutscher Industrie- und Handelsunternehmen
UNITIS - European Organization of Cosmetic Ingredients Industries and Services
A partnership convention between UNITIS and the Cosmetic Valley was signed on December 18, 2006, at Chartres (France).

The partnership formalizes the relationships existing between the two organizations, the Cosmetic Valley as a regional cluster for cosmetics and UNITIS, the European Organization of Cosmetic Ingredients, Industries and Services.

It is due to enable a cooperation on regulations and information on cosmetic ingredients.

Since June 2004, UNITIS and the Korean Cosmetics Association (KCA) have a cooperation based on a Memorandum of Understanding signed in Paris. This partnership consists in technical and scientific exchanges, crossed information on updated laws and regulations in cosmetics, bilingual translations of the European and Korean regulations and common actions organized on the behalf of members of the two associations.

Common participations at international conferences and exhibitions are opportunities for the representatives of the member companies to meet each others and share their know-how and experience

UNITIS and Jeju Hi-Tech Industry Development Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding in July 2007, in Paris.

The objective of this partnership is to create strong relationships between the European companies and the Korean ones based in Jeju Island, a self powered Korean region where a high research and development level projects are privileged on basis of the local natural resources.


UNITIS and Incheon Metropolitan City signed a Memorandum of Understanding in July 2010.
The mutual interests of both parties will enable scientific and technical exchanges for the co-development of new ingredients, co-marketing for already developed ingredients and commercial penetration of Asian and Korean markets by the members of UNITIS and of international markets by the companies of INCHEON
Last update : 07/12/21

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