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The UNITIS Charter

Within the framework of a Charter for the standardization of the toxicological assessment of cosmetic ingredients from natural origin, European manufacturers, evaluation companies and distributors commit themselves to adopt the UNITIS methodology, specifically conceived for these products.

This initiative - whose purpose is not to alter the final responsibility of the cosmetic industry towards consumers' safety - intends to improve the level and the quality of information on the toxicological profile of cosmetic ingredients from natural origin before their use in cosmetic formulations.

The methodology is based on a progressive approach for each product - from the analysis of the existing literature to a set of safety tests - which ends up in safety evaluation guaranteed by an Expert Certificate taking into account all elements of the file concerning product definition, specifications, literature, toxicological tests results and the suitability of the ingredient for cosmetic purposes.

The Charter is divided into two parts :
  • a public part that presents the methodology of the Toxicological Evaluation File as well as the related Charter,
  • a private part accessible to the Unitis members only.


For products manufactured by its members, UNITIS has drawn up a Charter for toxicological assessment of a Cosmetic Ingredient from natural origin.

The UNITIS Member Companies adhering to the Charter assure their commitment to respect the assessment method set up within the Charter.
Suppliers having signed the Charter commit:
  1. To enforce under their own responsibility the toxicological assessment method drawn up by UNITIS according to assorted rules and recommendations.
  2. To implement the requisite means, at the best possible quality level, in order to supply cosmetic industry with information described in the file.
  3. To approach the safety of cosmetic ingredients with a specific file for each of their standard product lines.
  4. To define their ingredients safety level in conditions of use and at the concentration they have specified.
  5. To include in each file a toxicological assessment certificate ratified by an expert who satisfies the conditions of the article 7a of the Council Directive 76/768/EEC.
  6. To continue with the research of any methodological improvements to make cosmetic ingredients toxicological assessment progress.
  7. To promote the toxicological assessment method at an European and International level.
  8. To accept a Watchdog Council.
  9. To follow this commitment from the date of signature by the Company.
Here, please find an illustrated presentation of the concept

The safety evaluation of cosmetic ingredients of natural origin implemented within the framework of the UNITIS Charter is both guaranteed by an Expert certificate and controlled by a Watchdog Committee.

Watchdog Council

The UNITIS Charter for the toxicological assessment of cosmetic ingredients from natural origin requires a number of committments on the part of the signatories wishing to join in the process.

In order to preserve the standing and scientific value of the Charter, it appeared essential that UNITIS who designed the method on behalf of its members provides them with sufficient means to monitor the accurate and fair application of the regulations and recommendations governed by the Charter.

The appointment of a Watchdog Council (WdC) as provisioned in article 8 of the Charter, answers this requisite.
Fictitious examples of Expert certificate

The UNITIS standardised toxicological assessment file consists of:
  • A comprehensive description of each ingredient's origin and nature,
  • A clear definition of conditions of use for which the ingredient safety has been tested,
  • A toxicological bibliographical analysis,
  • A series of toxicological tests carried out on the ingredient subject of the file,
  • An analysis carried out by an expert as specified by regulations and formalised on his part, by a Certificate for the ingredient safety assessment.
The PLAN of the toxicological assessment file

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