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Concretely, UNITIS is currently working on the following subjects:


The study of all new trends and projects
SAFETY: THE UNITIS CHARTER The toxicological evaluation of ingredients of natural origin through an assessment method enabling to standardize and improve the approach of ingredients' safety
REACH Regulation Classification of Natural Complex Substances and adapted guidelines for their registration
CLP Regulation
Identification of the main elements needed for the implementation of the CLP Regulation regarding Natural Complex Substances: UNITIS study on the hazardous and/or CMR substances present in nature and the major plants containing these substances
GMP A practical adaptation of Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic ingredients of natural origin
ORGANIC & NATURAL ingredients In full coordination with all links of the supply chain, UNITIS is pushing to the creation of harmonized standards for cosmetic ingredients within the framework of ISO
ENDANGERED PLANTS AND EXTRACTS The defence of those questioned on their safety
COSMETICS REGULATION Followed step by step, this process is watched over in full coordination with the cosmetic industry
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT SeedsTM (Self Evaluation for EcoDevelopment Solutions)... a specific tool for companies' autodiagnostic
BIODIVERSITY Supporting the RIO Convention, UNITIS is carefully watching over application rules concerning access to resources and benefit sharing

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