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  • Activity : producer
    Address :  8 rue Charles Pathé
    94300 VINCENNES
  • Activity : producer
    Description : Laboratoires Derpha is licenced of Institut Jacques VERNIN patents of high technologies applied to natural plant extracts. TITREX®: 90 highly standardized concentrated total dry water soluble plant extracts with no preservative substances added. PHYTESCENS® : patented phyto-aromatic synergies in capsules for internal use and dermaceutic topical gels with the highest potency and efficacy in the shortest time and the largest range of activities. THERACLAY® : Ultra micronised natural coloured clays, Theraclay white, Theraclay yellow, Theraclay red, Theraclay pink and Theraclay green for cosmetic formulas. TRANSOMES : High tech vectors of water soluble actives up to the skin basal layer, with long lasting action. Unique 0,2µ multi-lamellar (6 layers) liposomes stable in cosmetic formulas.

    Address :  8, boulevard Chapu
    77000 MELUN
    Phone :
    Fax :
  • Activity : evaluation company
    Address :  114-116 rue Edouard Vaillant
    Email : cabinetexpertox@gmail.com
    Phone : 01 43 67 85 03
    Fax : 06 61 64 99 61
  • Activity : producer
    Description : EXSYMOL has created and produced bio-active ingredients for cosmetics since 1972. The company is located in Monaco and matches the latest cosmetic international trends with its expertise in fine organic chemistry. The Research department, including a cell and molecular biology laboratory, as well as a biochemistry laboratory, generates constant results in relation with our favorite themes, such as anti-aging or anti-cellulite. The latest results concentrates on neurocosmetic and we have designed a specific pseudodipeptide exhibiting unique activities as anti-neurodegenerescence. Our main skills remain the silanols, the pseudodipeptides as well as unique botanical extracts. Our dynamism is characterized by the numerous patents as well as the articles in international magazines, and communications in international conferences. Production is entirely carried out in our facilities in Monaco and the technical support to our customers, coordinated from here, is brought by a staff of scientific collaborators that visit our distributors and customers wordwide on a very regular basis.

    Address :  4, avenue Prince Héréditaire Albert
    MC 98 000 MONACO
    Phone : 00.377.
    Fax : 00.377.
  • Address :  Martlet House, E1 Yeoman Gate, Yeoman Way,
    West Sussex, BN13 3QZ, Worthing
    United Kingdom
    Phone : +44 1903 850058
  • Activity : producer
    Description : FONTAROME, a subsidiary of the TECHNICOFLOR group, specializes in the manufacture and custom creation of plant extracts for cosmetics. Our extracts are obtained by natural processes using several extraction solvents (vegetable glycerin, vegetable oil, Dipropylene glycol ...). Thanks to a long-standing partnership established with our suppliers, we have at our disposal a large plant catalog while guaranteeing a traceability from the plant to the extract. Our customers can also compose their own extract according to their specification or their formulation constraints.

    Address :  Parc d'Activités de Fontvieille
    Route des Quatre Saisons
    13190 ALLAUCH
    Email : m.malfione@fontarome.fr
    Phone : 04 91 07 70 77
    Fax : 04 91 05 74 75
  • Activity : producer
    Address :  Route Mourre Blanc
    34140 Mèze
    Phone : 04 67 46 64 82
    Fax : 04 67 43 77 07
  • Activity : producer
    Description : For more than 10 years, Greentech has been developing and producing active ingredients from plants and micro-organisms in the cosmetic and nutraceutical field. The R&D laboratory has got his own large data bases (30 000 plants – 300 000 biological molecules) and is using bio-informatics, up to date biochemical tests and molecular modeling for rapid and targeted development of new actives. Greentech is collaborating with several experts teams in international research programs and has got close and official cooperations with local scientists in different countries with spirit of sustainable development : protection of biodiversity, improvement of local knowledge, economical benefits for local population, respect of local way of life,... Active ingredients from local and worlwide raw materials for local and top worldwide cosmetic companies are daily produced in our factory with guarantee of quality. Our products range (Phytobioactives, Phytogreens, Cryoactives, Titractives, Fruitogreens, Essential oils, Lipactives) is represented on the five continents and in 28 countries.

    Address :  Biopôle Clermont-Limagne
    63360 SAINT BEAUZIRE Cedex
    Email : greentech@greentech.fr
    Phone : 04 73 33 99 00
    Fax : 04 73 33 91 32
  • Activity : producer
    Address :  45, place Abel Gance
    92654 BOULOGNE Cedex
    Phone :
    Fax :
  • Activity : producer
    Description : Since 1986, ieS LABO has dedicated itself to the production and distribution of raw materials for the cosmetic industry. Mainly involved in liquid products, ieS LABO maintains a constant stock of over 500 products, and is equipped to produce tailor-made materials. ieS LABO ' strengths include : * its proven know-how in plant extracts, glycolic, glycerin, butylene based, * its ability to respond efficiently to technical inquiries concerning plant extracts, * its permanent research for the best quality essential and vegetable oils. ieS LABO is a leader for Avellana, Rose Hip and Raspberry seed oils. ieS LABO is structured in such a way that it can supply 5 kgs as well as full tankers. ieS LABO works with its regular clients in seeking specific solutions, meeting their needs and developing tailor-made products.

    Address :  Zone Artisanale
    979 Avenue Traversetolo
    04700 ORAISON
    Email : info@ieslabo.com
    Phone : 04 92 72 55 55
    Fax : 04 92 72 55 56
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