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AFNOR SPEC 2215, "the first guide to displaying the environmental and societal impact of cosmetics, dietary supplements and family health and well-being products" intended for all companies, and piloted by the Green Impact Consortium index, was published on June 30, 2023 by AFNOR.

AFNOR SPEC is the result of 9 months' work led by 120 participants from 26 organisations.

The environmental and social score will be displayed via the Green Impact Index. Thanks to a graded rating from A to E, consumers will be able to choose their cosmetics and wellness products with full knowledge of the facts.

This guide is available on the AFNOR website.

If you are interested to join the Green Impact Consortium Index : contact@greenimpactindex.com

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AFNOR SPEC 2215 (June 2023)

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