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REACH - Unitis actions


UNITIS has developed strong efforts in order to establish Standard Operation Procedures for the registration of the Natural Complex Substances (NCS) used in cosmetics, which is part of the REACH REGISTRATION Guide Book prepared for its Members.

All this work was made with the COLIPA, the cosmetic industry and other links of the supply chain in order to make the NCSs used in cosmetics well defined and known.

We draw your attention on annexes 1, 2 and 4 that determine respectively:
  • NCSs Classification by categories,
  • Separation of the botanical fraction from its carrier or carrying solvent,
  • Identification of NCS of botanical origin through exemples.

Registration of NCS - First Common Position Paper

This document is issued from the necessity of making the REACH regulations more adapted to the numerous SMEs concerned by these substances. All the signatory organizations - AISE, COLIPA, EFEO, EFFA, EUROPAM, IFRA and UNITIS - confirmed their clear intention to work together on operational solutions to propose to the regulatory authorities.

Please find here the whole text of the common position paper.


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