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  • Activity : producer
    Address :  Route Mourre Blanc
    34140 Mèze
    Phone : 04 67 46 64 82
    Fax : 04 67 43 77 07
  • Activity : producer
    Description : For more than 10 years, Greentech has been developing and producing active ingredients from plants and micro-organisms in the cosmetic and nutraceutical field. The R&D laboratory has got his own large data bases (30 000 plants – 300 000 biological molecules) and is using bio-informatics, up to date biochemical tests and molecular modeling for rapid and targeted development of new actives. Greentech is collaborating with several experts teams in international research programs and has got close and official cooperations with local scientists in different countries with spirit of sustainable development : protection of biodiversity, improvement of local knowledge, economical benefits for local population, respect of local way of life,... Active ingredients from local and worlwide raw materials for local and top worldwide cosmetic companies are daily produced in our factory with guarantee of quality. Our products range (Phytobioactives, Phytogreens, Cryoactives, Titractives, Fruitogreens, Essential oils, Lipactives) is represented on the five continents and in 28 countries.

    Address :  Biopôle Clermont-Limagne
    63360 SAINT BEAUZIRE Cedex
    Email : greentech@greentech.fr
    Phone : 04 73 33 99 00
    Fax : 04 73 33 91 32
Last update : 15/04/24

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F - 75008 PARIS
Tel. : +33 (0)1 47 23 64 77