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  • Activity : producer
    Description : To create and produce natural products for the beauty and health industries is the mission of Alban Muller International (A.M.I.). To bring all the wealth of the vegetable world, A.M.I. identifies, extracts and formulates plant active molecules. This scientific approach makes us take into consideration all the steps leading to the completion of a project: botanics, agriculture, vegetable physiology, biochemistry, extraction, formulation, efficacy evaluation, etc. By choosing A.M.I.'s teams, you will access the most innovative technologies and the benefits of a whole net of expertise. As a true Natural Product Designer®, A.M.I. offers a broad range of plants extracts and natural ingredients for the cosmetic, food and phytotherapy sectors, a creative assistance for the development of ingredients and products, a production capacity.

    Address :  8, rue Charles Pathé
    94300 VINCENNES
    Email : info@albanmuller.com
    Phone :
    Fax :
Last update : 06/07/22

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