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  • Activity : evaluation company
    Address :  114-116 rue Edouard Vaillant
    Email : cabinetexpertox@gmail.com
    Phone : 01 43 67 85 03
    Fax : 06 61 64 99 61
  • Activity : producer
    Description : EXSYMOL has created and produced bio-active ingredients for cosmetics since 1972. The company is located in Monaco and matches the latest cosmetic international trends with its expertise in fine organic chemistry. The Research department, including a cell and molecular biology laboratory, as well as a biochemistry laboratory, generates constant results in relation with our favorite themes, such as anti-aging or anti-cellulite. The latest results concentrates on neurocosmetic and we have designed a specific pseudodipeptide exhibiting unique activities as anti-neurodegenerescence. Our main skills remain the silanols, the pseudodipeptides as well as unique botanical extracts. Our dynamism is characterized by the numerous patents as well as the articles in international magazines, and communications in international conferences. Production is entirely carried out in our facilities in Monaco and the technical support to our customers, coordinated from here, is brought by a staff of scientific collaborators that visit our distributors and customers wordwide on a very regular basis.

    Address :  4, avenue Prince Héréditaire Albert
    MC 98 000 MONACO
    Phone : 00.377.
    Fax : 00.377.
Last update : 02/10/23

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