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  • Activity : producer
    Address :  45, place Abel Gance
    92654 BOULOGNE Cedex
    Phone :
    Fax :
  • Activity : producer
    Description : Since 1986, ieS LABO has dedicated itself to the production and distribution of raw materials for the cosmetic industry. Mainly involved in liquid products, ieS LABO maintains a constant stock of over 500 products, and is equipped to produce tailor-made materials. ieS LABO ' strengths include : * its proven know-how in plant extracts, glycolic, glycerin, butylene based, * its ability to respond efficiently to technical inquiries concerning plant extracts, * its permanent research for the best quality essential and vegetable oils. ieS LABO is a leader for Avellana, Rose Hip and Raspberry seed oils. ieS LABO is structured in such a way that it can supply 5 kgs as well as full tankers. ieS LABO works with its regular clients in seeking specific solutions, meeting their needs and developing tailor-made products.

    Address :  Zone Artisanale
    979 Avenue Traversetolo
    04700 ORAISON
    Email : info@ieslabo.com
    Phone : 04 92 72 55 55
    Fax : 04 92 72 55 56
  • Activity : producer
    Description : For the cosmetic industry, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics has developed a wide range of Phospholipids and glycolipids extracted from oil seeds, or other natural source with specific properties to formulate innovative cosmetics. Phospholipids and glycolipids are emulsifiers which nature has developed for the creation of cell membranes and as such have technological properties together with physiological activity. The unique affinity of membrane lipids to the skin enhances bioavailability of other active ingredients and provides controlled release to skin cells. Moreover, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics has also developed natural active ingredients with specific properties, which can provide an answer to every skin problem: hydration, anti-aging, seboregulation, slimming action, etc

    Address :  Campus Eiffel - Bâtiment Edison
    13 rue Ella Maillart
    91300 MASSY
    Phone :
    Fax :
  • Activity : distributor
    Description : Since 1947, Laboratoires PROD'HYG, French company, located west side of Paris, bring their expertise to the COSMETIC INDUSTRY in the fields of raw materials and technical innovation. In 2004, their new factory brings to Laboratoires PROD'HYG a modern site and reinforces the R&D centre and the quality control laboratory. Besides, the “Formulation & Innovation” department of Laboratoires PROD'HYG strongly contributes to the creation of new concepts for their partners of the cosmetic world. Laboratoires PROD'HYG dedicate their work to develop, manufacture, trade, and distribute a wide range of traditional and genuine products. Through their international commercial network, the diffusion of their technical innovations is guaranteed. Thanks to their network of local distributors , Laboratoires PROD'HYG & LETICC's innovative products are available worldwide.

    Address :  Z.A.C. de la Prévôté
    6, route du Bû
    78550 HOUDAN
    Email : prodhyg@prodhyg.com
    Phone :
    Fax :
  • Address :  ESTER Technopole
    6 allée Skylab
    87068 LIMOGES Cedex
    Email : info@seqens.com
    Phone : 05 55 35 05 35
  • Address :  24 rue Marbeuf
    75008 Paris
    Email : welcome@unitis.org
    Phone :
    Fax :
  • Address :  Rue des Terriers
    Z.I. Méron
    Phone : 02 41 83 15 30
    Fax : 02 41 50 36 26
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Last update : 23/03/23

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