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  • Activity : producer
    Address :  Pôle 4
    Avenue du Lac - RD 281
    64150 MOURENX
    Email : info@phytocos.fr
    Phone : 05 59 13 67 70
    Fax : 05 59 13 67 79
  • Activity : distributor
    Description : Since 1947, Laboratoires PROD'HYG, French company, located west side of Paris, bring their expertise to the COSMETIC INDUSTRY in the fields of raw materials and technical innovation. In 2004, their new factory brings to Laboratoires PROD'HYG a modern site and reinforces the R&D centre and the quality control laboratory. Besides, the “Formulation & Innovation” department of Laboratoires PROD'HYG strongly contributes to the creation of new concepts for their partners of the cosmetic world. Laboratoires PROD'HYG dedicate their work to develop, manufacture, trade, and distribute a wide range of traditional and genuine products. Through their international commercial network, the diffusion of their technical innovations is guaranteed. Thanks to their network of local distributors , Laboratoires PROD'HYG & LETICC's innovative products are available worldwide.

    Address :  Z.A.C. de la Prévôté
    6, route du Bû
    78550 HOUDAN
    Email : prodhyg@prodhyg.com
    Phone :
    Fax :
  • Activity : producer
    Description : PROVITAL, S.A. initially established in Barcelona (Spain) has become an international group specialized in research, development, production, marketing and distribution of natural ingredients, mainly of botanical origin for the Cosmetics, Pharmacy, Veterinary and Household industry. PROVITAL, S.A. created in 1979 is the group's headquarters and PROVITAL FRANCE S.A.R.L. the first group's subsidiary created in 1994 nearby Paris (France). In May 2002 was created a new subsidiary in Mexico, PRO-ACTIF S.A. de C.V. In year 2003, PROVITAL OILS was created in Manresa (Spain) as the specialist company in manufacturing high quality first cold pressure oils for applications in cosmetic products. At the beginning of year 2004, a Sales Office was opened in Majadahonda (Madrid) and lastly, during spring of the same year 2004, PROVITAL POLSKA is founded as a new subsidiary located in Lubon (Poland). The main activities are: RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Continuously working to discover the inexhaustible source of substances from plants and offer them as natural and innovative concepts for products of botanical origin. PRODUCTION Modern facilities and specialized equipment for an efficient production system. MARKETING AND DISTRIBUTION An international distribution network of exclusive agents introduce worldwide (more than 60 countries in the five continents) our experience and innovation represented by the wide range of own manufactured products. In the frame of the PROVITAL TOTAL QUALITY commitment, we obtained the ISO 9001:2000 standard certification on December 2002. Recently, in view of the growing organic market in the cosmetic sector and as consequence of the commitment in respecting the environment, PROVITAL also obtained the ECOCERT-ORGANIC certification.

    Address :  P.I. Can Salvatella
    Gorgs Llado, 200
    Email : marketing@provitalgroup.org
    Phone : +34 937 192 350
    Fax : +34 937 190294
Last update : 12/05/21

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